Local Elementary Schools collect 38,500 items for Double-R-Communications Food Drive

Local elementary schools collected nearly 40,000 non-perishable food items for the Double-R-Communications Food Drive. Area elementary school students helped deliver the food to local food banks yesterday. Reed Richins from Double-R-Comminications flew to each school in a Lifenet Helicopter to deliver prizes to the winning classes from each school. The class that collected the most non-perishable food items at each participating school was given a trophy from Trophies N Tees, a pizza party from Dominoes, cupcakes from Cakes with TLC and gift certificates for Taylor Freeze and got to tour the Lifenet helicopter.

Ruth Powell Elementary School students collected the most food items and won a cake from Cakes with TLC for their efforts. Mrs. Evans’ class collected 1196 cans. The cake was delivered to Mrs. Evans’ class Tuesday morning. The cake was large enough to serve 500 students. The student council board members, pictured in the back row of the photo below, collected food items from classrooms every day.

In the back row: Torey Cranford from Cakes with TLC; Principal Naomi Lowery; Student Council representatives Emma Rapier, Hyrum Biggs, Izayah Rodriguez and Aleena Reiher; Teacher Student Council sponsors Tina Young and Lomina Reiher. Students pictured include Adrian Alba, Khaleesi Anderson, Daniel Armijo, Kylee Barris, Melanie Burton, Oliver Cheney, Haylee Collins, Maximiliano Hernandez, Gabriella Hill, Janessa Linford, Yayden Llamas, Ariela Maldonado, Andalyn McBride, Jaylee Peck, Reathyn Randels, Ximena Rios, Aurora Rodriguez, Gracie Ticer, Camden Washington, Cayden Watkins, Elijah Wyatt

TLC collected with 402 cans

Mr. Price’s class in Solomon collected 112 cans.

Mr. Vincent’s class at Lafe Nelson collected 301 cans

Ms. Henry’s class at Dorothy Stinson collected 248 cans

Ms. Cooper’s class at Jack Daley Primary School collected 1176 cans

Mrs. Demuth’s class at Thatcher Elementary School collected 1986 cans

Mrs. Verdugo’s class at Discovery Plus Academy collected 3600 cans

Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Barney’s classes at Dan Hinton School collected 402 cans

Mr. Bryant’s class at Pima Elementary collected 890 cans