Life of Pets Scene to Enter Contest


On Friday, July 8th the creative crew at the Sapphire Cineplex put up another scene on their walls. This giant work of art featured the main characters from the movie, The Secret Life of Pets. Depicted in cardboard and acrylic, the pets are on the wall in their life sized comedic glory. The characters can be seen through the windows of their respective apartments when the onlooker open the windows, doors, and shades on the artwork. On the night before the movie opening, the staff stayed up until four o’clock in the morning to finish putting the artwork on the wall.

nice characters2
The creative staff will be entering their artistic work into a contest featured by “Showtime Magazine.” If won, the grand prize of $1000.00 will given to the artists. The winnings will be used to fund the artists studies at EAC. The two talented artists, Kristin Flatt and Leah Talley are both hopeful in their anticipation for the contest results.

Also, the Sapphire Cineplex will be hosting a raffle for the individuals who purchase tickets for the first week of the showing of, The Secret Life of Pets. The raffle prizes are children’s bikes. On July 16, the Sapphire Cinaplex will be hosting an event at 10 a.m. in the parking lot to pull winners from the week of July 8th -14th.