Lewis says he has not resigned as Pima manager

Pima Town Manager Sean Lewis speaks at an Eastern Arizona Hispanic Heritage Corporation event in September 2020. - David Bell Photo/Gila Valley Central

PIMA — Sean Lewis said he remains the Pima Town Manager.

Following a comment made during the call to the public at the Pima Town Council meeting Tuesday, questioning a job posting for a town manager on the League of Arizona Cities and Towns website, area media reported Lewis had resigned his position.

However, in a phone communication to Gila Valley Central, Lewis said that is not the case.

“No matter what you’ve read, I have not resigned,” Lewis said.

Lewis was absent from Tuesday’s meeting, due to a pre-planned vacation from which he will return Monday, May 10. And the council is prevented from commenting on issues raised during the call to the public, due to the discussion not being on the agenda.

Mayor C.B. Fletcher said Lewis remains the manager “until we get formal notice from him. I have not heard a word from Sean, not one word. I haven’t received a text, a phone call or a letter of resignation.”

Fletcher also praised Lewis’ work as manager, calling him “excellent.”