Intoxicated bar patron threatens to come back with a gun

Graham County sheriff’s deputies and Safford Police responded to a report of threats to patrons of a local bar last Friday night. The bar owner reported that a man identified as David Holguin made threats to patrons that he was leaving and would return with a gun. Responding officers were advised that Holguin left in a red Jeep Cherokee heading north on Highway 191.

A Safford police officer contacted the deputy and said that he knew where Holguin lived and would meet the deputy there. The two law enforcement officials met at Holguin’s home and a short time later, a red Jeep Cherokee pulled up to the residence. The vehicle was being driven by Matthew Holguin, who was heavily intoxicated according to the police report. David Holguin, the man who allegedly made threats before leaving the bar was in the passenger seat. The Safford officer conducted a DUI investigation on the driver while the deputy talked to the passenger.

The deputy reported that David Holguin was very agitated and intoxicated. Holguin apparently told the deputy that his grandfather was a 9th Circuit Court Judge and that the deputy needed to talk to him with respect. The deputy agreed to show respect as long as Holguin remained civil. Holguin apparently became more agitated and told the deputy he was going inside the residence. The deputy informed Holgin that he was being lawfully detained and was not free to leave until the deputy concluded his investigation. Holguin ignored the deputy and started walking toward the residence. The deputy again told him that he was not free to leave. Holguin began arguing with the deputy and being disorderly. The deputy then handcuffed him and placed him in the back of his patrol car.

Another deputy, who was interviewing the bar owner, reported that David Holguin had allegedly told some of the bar’s patrons that he was going home to get a gun after the bartender cut him off. The owner requested that Holguin be trespassed from the bar but did not want to press charges. David Holguin was released from custody and advised that he was being trespassed from the bar. Holguin told the deputy that they could not trespass him because he owned the property. He later recanted his statement and said that he was joking.

Matthew Holguin was placed under arrest for DUI and a valid arrest warrant.