Give-away supports Gila Valley businesses

THATCHER – The Safford Gift Certificate Program has taken on a new dimension.

Reed Richins, owner of Kat Kountry, Sunny and KATO radio stations, announced he’s giving away nearly $1,000 worth of the Safford Gift Certificates, as well as $200 worth of Town of Thatcher vouchers for area restaurants and $250 worth of gift certificates to Pima businesses.

“We just want to help; we didn’t ask for gift certificates to give away, we bought them.  We sent a guy out on a $1,000 shopping spree yesterday. We bought them and we want to give them away,” Richins said. “We just want to help. We want to help to people in their homes, we want to help small businesses (and) we want the economy to keep going.”

One winner of all the gift certificates will be selected on April 24. Go to the Kat Kountry Facebook page to see how to enter.