Gila Watershed Partnership to screen free film to the public

The Gila Watershed Partnership will screen a free film Aug. 10 that outlines water issues in the West.

SAFFORD – Water is a precious commodity in everyone’s daily life.  That is the reason the Gila Watershed Partnership (GWP) is diligent in its efforts to educate the public about water challenges.

On August 10, the GWP will screen a free film for the public called Beyond the Mirage: The Future of Water in the West. Hosted by the partnership as part of its monthly public program, the showing will be from 7-9 p.m. in the Graham County General Services Building at 921 W. Thatcher Blvd. in Safford.

Beyond the Mirage is a film depicting the challenges and competition found in the United States’ water environment. By researching technologies developed in Isreal and China, the film proposes possible solutions for our nation’s water situation.

“This film is one part of their multimedia effort to engage people of all ages in water sustainability with the goal of making everyone in Arizona a water expert,” The GWP said in its press release.

A nonprofit, the partnership works to improve the health of the Upper Gila Valley Watershed and its communities. Founded in 1992, it is made up of community members and representatives from businesses, organizations and various agencies located in Graham and Greenlee counties. The GWP works to improve the environment in multiple ways. Some of its projects are to restore habitat, remove invasive plant species, propagate native plants, seal off saline wells and work in erosion control.

The GWP’s past projects include conducting water audits and studying historical changes in the Gila River to understand how it shapes the area upstream of the San Carlos Reservation. The GWP organization has also installed cattle guards and fencing to keep livestock from eroding the road crossing at Eagle and Willow Creek in Greenlee County. It has also collected and recycled abandoned vehicles and cleaned up debris over a quarter-mile adjacent to the Gila River.

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