Flu starting to slow down in Graham, Greenlee

- David Bell Graph/Gila Valley Central

PHOENIX — As we near the end of the flu season, Graham County is finally starting to see a decline.

That’s according to the Arizona Department of Health Services, which reported zero new cases the week of March 5 and just one the previous week of Feb. 26.

Graham County has experienced 512 cases of flu so far this flu season, which is nearly double the five-year average of 232 for this time of the flu season.

Of Graham County’s total number of cases to date, 468 have been Influenza A, 26 cases have been Influenza B and the remaining 18 have not yet been determined.

Reports show school-aged children seeing most of the cases in Graham County, with 34 percent impacting children 5 to 18 years old. Twenty-nine percent of the cases involve adults, 18 to 49, while babies and toddlers account for 14 percent of the cases. Older Graham County residents — those 50 to 64 and those 65 and older — both account for 11 percent of the cases each.

In Greenlee County, AZDHS reports 274 cases of flu thus far this season, which is 328 percent higher than the five-year average.

A total of 269 of Greenlee County’s cases have been Influenza A, three have been Influenza B and the remaining two are undetermined.

School-aged children 5-18 have accounted for 42 percent of Greenlee County’s cases, followed by 30 percent in adults 19-49, 14 percent in babies and toddlers, 8 percent in adults 50-64 and 6 percent in those 65 and older.