Family’s home burglarized while moving

A Graham County Sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to a county residence On Tuesday in reference to a call that the home had been burglarized while the family was in the process of moving.

The family had just moved out of the home the previous Saturday but still had a lot of belongings a the residence. When they arrived at the house Tuesday morning they found that the back door had been damaged and some of their belongings were missing. The family told authorities that they had lived there for about six years and had never had a problem – even when they went on vacations.

The door jam of the back door was cracked. There were pry marks on the door jam as well as the edge of the door by the door knob and dead bolt. There were fresh dolly tire tracks just outside the back door that the family said were not theirs.

The thieves apparently targeted a gun safe that had an assortment of pistols and rifles as well as ammunition. They also took a TV, a guitar and some cash.