EAC Professor Chase Moore Debuts first Solo Recital

Brooke Curley Photo/ Gila Valley Central: Moore told Gila Valley Central that he hopes to bring about a new world possibilities for his students.


By Brooke Curley


THATCHER – It was the perfect evening to attend a piano recital.

After a blustery and rainy day, the community was invited to attend the first ever solo recital of Chase Moore, Eastern Arizona College’s associate professor of music, at EAC’s Lee Little Theater on Monday night. Moore recently joined EAC’s full-time faculty in the fall of 2016, and this is his second year teaching.

Moore told Gila Valley Central that the sunny Gila Valley was very different from his origins in Kentucky. However, he also said that he has adjusted well to the sunny desert. The desert notwithstanding, he also said that he is very happy teaching EAC students.

Brooke Curley Photo/Gila Valley Central: Chase Moore, EAC associate professor of music, performs during his first solo recital Monday.

“This is my first full-time job,” Moore said. “This is my second year of teaching. I love it here. I love the students. Everything is great.  It’s easy to get out of the bed in the morning to teach all these wonderful kids and to teach them the passion and the art of music.”

When it comes to the reason why he is so passionate about his occupation as an associate professor of music, Moore said he hopes to bring new possibilities to his students.

“My passion is to just make a difference,” he said. “When I finally got a teacher who could teach me what I was playing, it opened up a whole new world. And that’s my goal here. (It) is to help these students understand what they’re doing at the piano and to refine their talent before they go to a four-year institution, so that they are well prepared when they leave from the music building at EAC.”

Moore has performed with multiple ensembles across the country. He is also the national accompanist for Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, which is the oldest music fraternity in the world. He has played in venues such as the Catholic Church in Port of Prince in Haiti, Carnegie Hall and the St. Luis Cathedral in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Brooke Curley Photo/Gila Valley Central: Chase Moore has performed in multiple ensembles across the country and is the accompanist for Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.