Disorderly man has to be physically removed from hospital grounds

SAFFORD – Police officers responded to the main entrance of the Mount Graham Regional Medical Center in reference to a disorderly man in the area. Robert Ordaz was seated on a bench by the main entrance along with medical center security staff. Ordaz told authorities that he was waiting for a crisis counselor to provide treatment. According to the police report, Ordaz was uncooperative and used profanity toward the officers and security staff. A crisis counselor arrived and spoke with Ordaz, who was then escorted into the hospital to receive treatment.

Authorities left the area but were called back because Ordaz was reportedly acting disorderly. Officers were advised that Ordaz had been medically cleared and that the hospital staff wanted him off the property. The officers advised Ordaz that if he refused to leave the property, he would be arrested for criminal trespass.

Ordaz walked away from the entrance toward 20th Avenue but stopped and sat on a bench on the medical center property. Officers approached him and, again, advised him that he would be arrested if he did not leave the property. Ordaz eventually got up and began to walk toward 20th Avenue but stopped and laid down in the landscaped area on the east side of the property.

Authorities approached him and advised him that he was being placed under arrest for criminal trespass. Ordaz complied with their order to stand up and place his hands behind his back. He was handcuffed and walked over to a patrol vehicle. As he was getting into the vehicle he apparently stumbled and fell to the ground. The officers lifted him to a standing position. Ordaz began passively resisting the officers and would not get in the patrol vehicle. The officers finally had to place him in the back seat of the vehicle and transport him to the jail. He was booked for third degree criminal trespass.

Ordaz had been arrested about a month ago for domestic violence after allegedly drinking all day. Read the story.