Dirt bike and ATV wreck, plus truck vs. train

GRAHAM COUNTY — Graham County Sheriff’s deputies dealt with a number of vehicle accidents over last weekend.

On Jan. 14, at about 1:15 p.m., a woman riding an all-terrain vehicle in the desert area near Barney Lane was in a single-vehicle roll-over. Other riders with the woman said she lost control while navigating a curve, leading to the roll-over.

The woman was transported to Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center where she was treated for possible concussion, including disorientation and confusion, as well as minor injuries on her back.

About seven hours later that same day, again in the vicinity of Barney Lane, deputies responded to an incident involving a truck and a train.

The driver said he was returning home from working in Morenci, and didn’t see or hear a train. As the truck crossed the tracks, the train struck the truck in the rear on the driver’s side.

A witness reported overhearing the driver claim to try to outrun the train and was unsuccessful.

The driver, who was uninjured, was cited for failing to yield to a train.

On Jan. 16, deputies arrived at the scene of an accident on Golf Course Road, just as the driver of a dirt bike was being loaded into an ambulance for transport to MGRMC.

According to a relative of the rider, the only information available was that the rider had “wrecked” and suffered undisclosed injuries.