Couple uses fraudulent checks belonging to deceased woman

Contributed Photo/ Courtesy Safford Police Department: The couple in this picture are wanted for issuing bad checks at Casa Mañana. The man is also wanted for doing the same thing at OneAZ Credit Union.


An unidentified couple is leaving a trail of bad checks owned by a woman who has been dead for two years.

By Brooke Curley

SAFFORD- Although there are still no names to go with the faces, a man and a woman are on police radar for using fraudulent checks.

Although some individuals will go to extremes to attain great food, stealing it crosses the line. The Safford Police Department was contacted by representatives from of Casa Manana restaurant in Safford on Tuesday in reference to repeated purchasing with bad checks.

The Safford Police Officers were given security footage by Casa Manana featuring a white male with a shaved head and beard, and a heavy set blonde female. The couple entered the restaurant after being dropped off by an unknown individual driving a white Silverado extended cab truck.  Their order, consisting of 10 green chili burritos, was made to go and they paid with the check, as they had done previously. Over the past three weeks, the couple has stolen from the restaurant a grand total of three times, and are still unidentified.

After some investigation by the Safford Police Department, it was discovered that these bad checks have been used repeatedly within the Graham County community. Also, Safford Detectives found that the individual who originally owned the checks, a Patricia M. Burns, had passed away two years before the investigation began.

If you know who these individuals are, the Safford Police Department would appreciate your help in identifying them. To contact the Safford Police Department call: (928) 432-4100 or visit the station at:

The Safford Police Station:

525 S 10th Ave
Safford, Arizona, AZ 85546