Couple busted with drugs while heading out to eat

SAFFORD – Late Saturday night, a police officer was traveling through a local motel parking lot on Highway 70 behind a car registered to a man out of Tucson. As the car headed west on Highway 70, the officer followed and watched as the car changed lanes from the left lane to the right lane and back to the left lane right before an intersection. The officer pulled in behind the car to make a traffic stop and could see a man was driving the vehicle with a woman passenger.

When the officer walked up to the passenger door, the woman opened the door. The officer explained to the driver that he couldn’t change lanes that close to an intersection. The driver was identified with an AZ ID card as Marcus Borjon. He reported to the officer that he had a valid driver’s license. Borjon was asked to speak with the officer at the back of the vehicle, where Borjon stated he had a previous suspended license, however, he stated he had gotten his license back and he thought it was back at the motel. Borjon reported the car belonged to the female passenger’s friend. Borjon continued to tell the officer he was in town to visit a family member who has cancer. As Borjon was speaking, the officer noticed he seemed to be acting nervous. When police asked if he had borrowed the car, Borjon replied “no,” the car was in transition because the friend was giving the female passenger the car. Borjon stated he was going to Duncan in the morning. The female passenger confirmed the same information about who the car belonged to and the reason they were in town.

It was at this time that dispatch alerted the officer that Borjon had a felony warrant for his arrest out of Texas for controlled substances. Borjon was asked about the warrant, and he reported it was for a seat belt violation. Borjon told the officer that he did not want to be searched. Due to the circumstances, the officer did a pat search but no weapons were found. Another officer arrived at the scene and continued to speak with Borjon while the first officer went back to speak with the woman passenger to find out if she had a valid driver’s license, in case that Borjon was arrested. The woman said she had a license. The officer, however, noticed she was wearing a wig, which seemed suspicious, as though she was trying to conceal her identity.

The woman spent a short time looking in her purse for her license and then stated that it might be back at the motel. She told the officer her name was Regina Mooney, and she was asked to empty her purse on the front of the vehicle. As she did, Mooney was asked what the name of the relative was that they were there to visit, but she did not know the name and she had never met them. Another officer arrived to the area. Mooney was able to locate her license, and after her information was checked, dispatch informed the officer she had a warrant for her arrest out of Tucson for drug paraphernalia.

Mooney reportedly told the officer that she was a licensed practical nurse, but was currently unemployed. She asked if an officer would go with her back to the motel if Borjon ended up being arrested, so she could have the room put in her name. Mooney gave police permission to search the vehicle, which resulted in them finding a meth pipe with residue in the center console. At that point Borjon was placed under arrest for the paraphernalia in the car. Mooney was also placed under arrest for the paraphernalia. The man and woman both claimed responsibility for the meth pipe. She also informed authorities of meth that was located at their motel room that she reported belonged to her and Borjon, and also allowed the officer to view texts messages on her phone that were drug related.

When the officer spoke with Borjon, he reported that Mooney goes crazy sometimes, there were no drugs at the motel, he did not consent to have the motel room searched and he did not wish to talk. Borjon and Mooney were booked into the Graham County Jail.

Around 2:00 am, authorities received a signed search warrant for the motel room and for three cell phones. Police located about 3 grams of meth in a pill bottle in a drawer next to the bed. Borjon and Mooney ‘s phones both contained drug related information and the third phone was unable to be opened due to a passcode.

The officer spoke with Mooney at the jail where she mentioned she had been selling drugs for a few months. She reportedly said that she sells meth and not heroin, but only gets heroin for friends.