Community Pride Days in Graham County

The City of Safford is partnering with Graham County, The Town of Thatcher, and the Town of Pima for Community Pride Days from October 26th – October 31st 2015. During this period landfill charges will be waived for the first load only for Graham County residents hauling trash from their households. Please note: Residents are limited to only one free load during these days, after the first waived fee, regular landfill fees will be charged. Residents must have identification to document their place of residency and proof of physical address within Graham County. Identification may include a photo ID driver’s license or other photo ID showing place of residency and physical address. We will not be waiving fees for commercial haulers or commercial business. i.e.: landscape businesses, tree trimming businesses, RV Parks, etc. Residential trash only. PLEASE TARP OR COVER YOUR LOADS!! The amount of litter accumulated on the landfill entry roads is a result of this.