Coming to the David M Player Center for the Arts: The Lower Lights!

The Lower Lights are coming to the David M Player Center for the arts on May twenty-first. The Lower Lights is a collection of prominent Utah-based musicians. A gospel-folk collective, The Lower Lights draw many of their songs from the classic Christian songbook of familiar hymns and forgotten gems like Hank Williams tunes. Combining reverence and celebration, their music is brimming in tradition without drowning in it.    Each musician has their own project and career. Included in their production is NBC’s Dustin Christenson and Sarah Sample, Cherie Call, and Debra. Having sold thousands of their three Hymn Revival and two Christmas song albums, they are headed on their tour to our David M. Player Center for the Arts.

A combination of candlelight vigil and foot-stomping revival, they draw their sound from their successful A Hymn Revival albums.  In this show, you can expect guitar solos, clapping, a great beat, a mandolin, and a banjo. The show starts at seven o’clock on Saturday, May twenty-first. Tickets are available at

Below is a sample of their music: