City Council congratulates Safford Builders Supply for 80 years in business

The Safford City Council congratulates Ace Hardware Safford Builders Supply on their 80 years of service in Safford.

Safford Builders Supply was started on April 6, 1938 by Oance and Mary Owens and their son, Ralph. It started in a tin building on 7th Street that was a livery stable back in the late 1800s. That building still stands and is used as a warehouse by Safford Builders Supply today.

Safford Builders Supply had its beginning as a lumber yard/hardware store but Oance and Mary decided to expand and add a construction business. After World War II, their oldest son, Marvin, returned home to help his parents manage the business due to Ralph’s failing health. Upon Ralph’s death in 1950 Marvin ran the lumber yard/hardware store and Heavy managed the construction. Marvin and Heavy ran the business until Marvin’s death in 1993. Heavy groomed Marvin’s grandson, Preston Owens, to be the manager. Heavy passed away in 2012. The business is still owned by the Owens families and managed by Preston.