Chris Taylor Formally Launches Bid For Congress: Veteran, Firefighter, City Councilman Running For Arizona’s First District

SAFFORD, AZ – Chris Taylor, Candidate for U.S. Congress in Arizona’s First Congressional District, today released the following statement on his run:

“Over the last 90 days I have traveled our entire district meeting with thousands of regular hard working Americans. My objective was to listen to the people’s concerns and ideas while gauging support and viability for my run for Congress. The response has been overwhelmingly positive: over and over again I’ve heard that my message, my personal story of service and redemption, and my unique qualifications resonate with a wide swath of voters.

The groundswell of grassroots enthusiasm has been incredibly encouraging to my family and me. Thousands have stood up in support. Hundreds have signed petitions and hundreds more have signed up to volunteer in every county in the district. It’s clear the people of our district are ready for something different.

So after this 90 day exploratory phase, I am excited to formally announce my candidacy for United States Congress in Arizona’s First District. The American dream is still alive and well. No matter where you come from or what you have been through, no matter what mistakes you have made and trials you have endured. If you are dedicated, passionate, hard working and you refuse to give up, you can accomplish anything that your heart desires.

My desire is to break the status quo, to be different and do things differently than any typical politician. To help heal the wounds and unify the deep divides that are hurting our country. To be a voice for the average citizens and represent everyone — not just the powerful elite. Watch my announcement video by clicking here and join our campaign at”

About Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is a veteran of the United States Army, serving in combat with the special operations forces in Afghanistan. After returning home, Chris was forced to wait months to see a VA doctor, and became dependent on prescribed opioids. Chris battled his way to recovery, and launched a non-profit dedicated to helping veterans like him cope with life after combat. He currently serves as a City Councilman as well as a firefighter for his hometown of Safford, Arizona, where he lives with his wife Sarah and their two young children.