Brush fire above Artesia under observation
SAFFORD: A small brush fire started Thursday afternoon above the Aretsia area south of Safford after a controlled burn got out of hand.

The brush fire remains under observation by the USDA Forest Service. At this point, it is burning weeds and trash. A Forest Service representative said that if it begins to spread, an eradication effort will begin. However, currently the fire does not necessitate action, and it does not pose a threat to any structures.

Fire Safety Tips

  • Never burn trash or weeds while the wind is blowing.
  • If you are burning trash and weeds, never leave the fire unattended.
  • When burning trash or weeds, be sure to have a hose turned on and ready to use in case the fire becomes too big or moves in the wrong direction.
  • After you are finished burning, be sure that the fire is completely extinguished by drowning every single ember.
  • Separate the ashes, and pour water on whatever remains of the fire.