Avg college student must work 4x more hours on min wage than 30 yrs ago to cover tuition – Report

A recent report released by MyElearningWorld released a new report showing that the average college student in 2023 has to work about 4x as many hours on minimum wage as a student 30 years ago to access the same education.

Important Findings:

  • 30 years ago, the average student at a public university could pay for a full year of tuition by working around 500 hours at a minimum wage job
  • Today, the same student would have to work 2,022 hours on average at a minimum wage job to cover a year of tuition at a public university (~39 hours each week, all year long)
  • Students who want to attend a private university would have to work about 4,646 hours on average at a minimum wage job to cover a year of tuition (~89 hours each week, every week of the year)

With Arizona minimum wage at $13.85, a student will have to work a minimum wage job 40 hours per week for nearly 38 weeks to cover a semester of tuition at an Arizona university. According to the report, the average in-state tuition cost is $12,180 per semester.

See the whole report at: https://myelearningworld.com/college-tuition-minimum-wage-study/