Arizona Schools can apply for funds to hire more counselors, social workers and resource officers

The Arizona State Board of Education approved a plan Monday morning that would allocate additional funding for counselors, social workers, and Police Officers in Arizona schools. The 11-member panel voted unanimously to allocate $20-million immediately. Schools will be able to apply for funding starting September 17th and will have until September

Schools can apply for the money starting Sept. 17, through a new application process for the School Safety Program. The program is already in place in 114 schools to pay school resource officers.

The grant application closes Sept. 27, and the goal is for approved schools to start hiring officers, counselors and social workers by the end of the year.

According to spokesman, Stefan Swiat, “The Department of Education will focus on funding one position per school first. If there are more applications received than funding available, the department will award funding to sites with the lowest school report card grade first.”