Arizona Renaissance Festival Demostrates one of the most heavenly virtues, charity!

The Arizona Renaissance Festival (AZRF) has joined the many philanthropic-minded organizations nationwide by donating an excellent talent to a small northern Arizona nonprofit! Jerome: The King of Fools has been gifted to the Medieval Mayhem Renaissance Faire in Show Low, AZ as a representative and ambassador for AZRF!

Medieval Mayhem Renaissance Faire is a fundraising event for the Mountain of Hope Foundation’s scholarship program, which provides gap & trades scholarships to students in Navajo & Apache counties. “These are two of the poorest counties in the state, and Apache County was recently declared the poorest county in the country!” notes Daris Gibbons, executive director & founder of the 501c3 organization. The event is celebrating its 16th year this year.

The Arizona Renaissance Festival has been a traditional historical recreation event for over three decades. “The festival has been an immersive educational experience before that term existed and has inspired our fundraising event.” Ms. Gibbons states. For many years talents such as Three Guys and A Bunch Drums and the belly dance troupe Ghazaal Beledi have been showcased at both events.

When the Arizona Renaissance Festival discovered that Medieval Mayhem Renaissance Faire was a fundraising event, they were motivated to help by providing Medieval Mayhem with assistance in the form of Arizona’s sole Professional Beartrap Juggler, Jerome: The King of Fools!

“The White Mountain area is beautiful, and we love that patrons who travel each year to attend our festival have just as much passion up here for Medieval Mayhem, I can’t wait to see what the event has in store,” says Jerome Hill, the man behind the “King of Fools” persona, “We’re very excited to support such a great cause, mingle with our fans in our off-season, and bring patrons and festival enthusiasts alike together for the benefit of this cause”

This annual Faire receives no external funding from any major state universities or through grants and has struggled to find any sponsorship support. “This type of funding would help us pay for our entertainment at the event, which is why this donation of Jerome’s time, skillset, and star power on behalf of AZRF has so much value to us,” explains Ms. Gibbons.

The Medieval Mayhem Renaissance Faire takes place July 7-9, 2023, at Show Low’s Frontier Field Park. Jerome: The King of Fools will be performing 2 shows a day on the all-new Seafarers Cove stage and one VIP exclusive up-close show in the Pub Club VIP area of the event. For details on the Medieval Mayhem Renaissance Faire, check out For all the details of the Arizona Renaissance Festival details, check out their website The festival will run every Saturday and Sunday from February 3 & 4 through March 30 & 31, 2024!