Andra Jensen is the Featured Artist of the Month

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Close up detail of Sharpie Line

Andra Jensen, is this month’s highly gifted and imaginative featured artist at the Art Guild of Arizona. Her artwork will be featured the entire month of June at the Little Art Gallery in Thatcher. A graduate of Eastern Arizona College and Brigham Young University-Idaho, Jensen’s chosen art displays vary drastically this year. “This exhibition will include pieces from different periods of my career, and this is the first time they have been displayed together,” Jensen stated. “Many of these paintings have never been seen by the public, such as my still-life work in oil, and my live model portraits which were painted during my time at BYU-Idaho. I will also include some of my most popular works from over the years.”

Last year, Jensen’s Sharpie exhibition made its debut to the public eye and instantly won her admiration and attention in the community. “I was so pleased that my Sharpie exhibition created such a stir last fall. Quite a few of those drawings will be included in this display,” Jensen said. Her use of line and color shading in her Sharpie works can strike an onlooker as photo-like in its detail. However, as the viewer gets closer to the piece, they see that in fact the shading and shape of the work is delicate ink lines. This line work is in perpetual motion, portraying the light and shadow of the piece. “ I wanted the community to see something in a different way than they’d ever seen it before,” Jensen said, “ Sharpies are mundane. Let’s use them for fine art!” When asked where she came up with the idea, she said, “I had seen someone use a test swatch of scribble pattern in ink once, but not a whole picture. I thought on it for a very long time, and my heart knew I would do something with it someday. That’s kinda how I work. Just sitting on an idea until the time is right. It incubates. Like an egg. Sharpie is easy for me. It’s just a matter of understanding value. The permanent ink thing is the biggest problem. But that just takes courage, and determination that no mistake is too big for me to fix.”

Along with her Sharpie pieces on exhibit, Jensen is displaying several works featuring classic cars. We asked her why she featured so many antique cars in her works. “I love the beautiful lines of old cars,” Jensen answered, “They are just so interesting. The shiny parts and the rusty parts are fun to paint. A fun contrast.”

After graduating from BYU-Idaho, Jenson could have gone anywhere to find a teaching position. As much as we love having her here, we had to ask her why she came back. “I fell in love with the Gila Valley,” Jensen said, “There are so many kind people here. I can’t get enough of them, and the sunshine, and the beautiful desert. I like small towns. I’m from St. Johns. When Thatcher gets too many sidewalks, I look longingly toward Pima.” On behalf of the Gila Valley, I think I can say with a certainty, that we feel lucky to have you here. “The best way to experience art is in person,” Jensen stated, “My show can be seen only at the gallery, only in June. A unique aspect of this exhibition is that I will share behind-the-scenes details about different pieces. Art connects the viewer with an artist’s heart and life. Come take that journey with me.”
You can tour Jensen’s show at the Little Art Gallery at 3915 W. Main Street in Thatcher. “This event kicks off an exciting summer for me, as I continue to teach my art classes at Eastern Arizona College, and College for Kids,” Jensen said, “To enroll, contact the college. For information about private art lessons and workshops, or to be added to my mailing list for future events, email”

Reception for the artist: Friday June 3, 2016, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
at The Little Art Gallery, 3915 W. Main Street, Thatcher, Arizona 85552 (928)428-0616
Andra’s work will be on display at the gallery throughout the month of June.
Hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 4 pm.

Featured artist portrait by: Kate Mower


"Support" in Watercolor

“Support” in Watercolor