Alleged jewelry sale ends in arrest

SAFFORD – On Thursday night, Safford officers noticed a vehicle pull into the parking lot of the Curtis Country Store when it was obvious the store would be closed. An officer pulled into the lot and made contact with the two females. The one standing outside the vehicle was later identified as Catherine Storie and the other woman remained in the vehicle.

Storie told the officer that she was waiting for someone to come and buy a bracelet that she had made. After showing the bracelet, the investigator was made aware that Storie had a warrant and was taken into custody. She had given the officer permission to search her purse and mentioned that she might have foil inside. The police located inside the purse a see through zipper pouch with foil and a baggie with a brownish residue inside that smelled of vinegar. Storie told the officer that she is a heroin user and those items were what she used to smoke the heroin.

Storie was transported to the Graham County Jail and booked for her warrant, and then was cited at the Jail for possession of drug paraphernalia.