3 Men ordered off of restaurant roof

A Safford police officer responded to Jerry’s Restaurant twice in one day to get people off of the roof. The first call came in at approximately 6:15 a.m. Saturday morning, and involved a man, later identified as Sonny Jones, was passed out on the roof. The officer climbed a maintenance ladder and woke Jones up. Near Jones was a 1/5th of Wild Turkey Whiskey. Jones was able to step down the ladder and meet with the officer by his patrol vehicle where he was cited and released for criminal trespassing, and trespassed from the business.

The officer was dispatched to the restaurant again at approximately 7:30 a.m. to deal with two other people on the roof. The two men, identified as Anthony Norman and Robert Hinton may have been on the roof when the officer responded to the first call, but because of other pending calls, he didn’t take the time to check for other people who may have also been on the roof.

The officer ordered them to come down and trespassed them from the business and cited them for criminal trespass. Norman acknowledged that he knew he wasn’t supposed be up there.

Later, Norman was apprehended with stolen merchandise from Walmart. On a previous encounter and different officer, Norman was questioned about a bb gun he was found with. The officer went to Walmart to investigate the matter. A Walmart security official said that they had found empty packaging for the gun but had not looked for the theft on video.

On Sunday, the officer made contact with Norman at approximately 12:00 p.m. and asked him to tell the truth about the gun. Norman said that he had gone to Walmart on Friday morning and found the gun laying behind the “Chinese Checkers.” He said that he placed the gun in his pocket along with some BBs and cartridges and left the store. He told the officer he was ready to go to jail for stealing the BB gun. The officer asked Norman if he remembered that he had been trespassed from Walmart and he said that he did.

The officer conducted a portable breath test on Norman and found that is alcohol level was higher than the jail would allow so he was cited and released for Shoplifting. The gun, BBs and cartridges were previously placed into evidence. They were valued at $102.39