2019 Coronado District STEM Camporee

Eastern Arizona College Discovery Park Campus is excited to host the Fall STEM Camporee on October 18-19, 2019. Scout Troops with boys ages 11-18 and Webelo scouts from cub packs (10 and 11 yrs old) with a parent are encouraged to attend this free event. Friday evening will begin at 7:00 PM with a short campfire followed by some evening stargazing featuring Astronomy Professor David Morris and his students as they provide a glimpse of the universe through telescopes. Mark and Jackie Madsen will take scouts through our new Planetarium and the Desert Skygazers will be on hand to help view the night sky.

Saturday morning will commence with an opening flag ceremony at 7:40 AM followed by some exciting activities. Duane DeSpain and Joel Shelton will provide an opportunity for scouts to demonstrate their fire building techniques by starting a fire without matches and building that fire strong enough to burn string tied between two poles. Dr. Nathan Cline and Aaron Burk will provide activities on native plants and animals with scouts interacting with frogs, snakes, and turtles and viewing a live Gila monster. There will be an opportunity for scouts to learn CPR using mannequins. Additional activities will include Geology along with Flag Raising and Flag Etiquette, and a team obstacle course that might include blindfolds and cooking.

Registration is FREE but we do ask you to sign up online so we can adequately prepare for those attending. Scout leaders and parents can register a https://scoutingevent.com/010-2019coronadostemcamporee. 

Each participating scout and leader will receive a commemorative patch. We encourage all scout troops to participate in this exciting and fun adventure. For further details contact Phil McBride at 928-965-1574 or by email at phil.mcbride@eac.edu .