Woman with shoplifting warrant tries breaking into parked car

A woman who went shopping at Walmart Monday evening encountered a woman trying to break into her car before she even got into the building.

The victim said she locked her car as she walked toward the entrance of the store, but had noticed a man and woman watching her. Before entering the store the victim looked back at her car and saw the woman, later identified as Laurlyn Miller, trying to break into her car.

With support from another couple Miller was detained until police arrived. Miller had allegedly been drinking and originally claimed that she thought her kids were in the car, but later said she thought her boyfriend was in the car.

Miller had an outstanding warrant for shoplifting at Walmart. She was handcuffed and transported to the jail, where her blood alcohol level was checked before being released. Police later confirmed that she had been trespassed from Walmart.

Here are ten tips to keep your car safe in a parking lot:

  1. Don’t leave your car unlocked
  2. Never leave your car running, especially while it is unattended or unlocked
  3. Do not leave a spare key near your vehicle
  4. Never leave your windows open
  5. Do not leave your keys in the car – especially in the ignition
  6. Park in well-lit, public areas
  7. Don’t leave valuable property in your car.
  8. Hide any valuables that you have to leave in your car

Car thieves tend to watch the parking lot before selecting a car to steal or rob. Thieves know that when you leave your car and walk into the store you’ll likely be in there for a while so they will most likely target your car right after they watch you enter the store.