Woman pulled over by presumed cop, asked on a date

A woman contacted Safford police on the morning June 17, 2020 to report that she had been pulled over by an unmarked car with flashing lights in the grill. The woman said that she was traveling north on Highway 191 when she saw a gray Dodge Challenger behind her with flashing lights in the grill. The woman turned onto 16th Street and stopped.

She then said that a man, wearing a black shirt and black pants got out of the Dodge and approached her vehicle. The man had a name tag that said, “Schift.” Then, instead of citing the woman driver for a traffic infraction, the man asked her out on a date. The woman told him that she was in a relationship. The man then asked her to let him know when she was available and left.

Authorities attempted to review video surveillance from the area but were unable to find an footage of the incident.