Woman flashes breast during altercation at Roper Lake

The serenity of Roper Lake State Park was disturbed Friday night in an altercation that involved a woman flashing her breast at campers.

By Jon Johnson


ROPER LAKE – The serenity of Roper Lake State Park was disturbed Friday when a woman allegedly made the odd choice of flashing her breast at campers in what was deemed a threatening manner during an altercation.

The woman, Deanne Marie Hogan, 44, of Tucson, also allegedly threatened multiple individuals with a roughly six-inch knife and was given citations for disorderly conduct and four counts each of threatening and intimidating and indecent exposure.

Her companion, William Woelfle, was also given a citation for disorderly conduct.

Deputies with the Graham County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the state park at about 10:45 p.m. regarding a “naked” woman threatening other campers.

Roper Lake sports a relaxing hot spring that has occasionally received complaints about nudity, but never in a threatening manner.

According to witness statements to Graham County Sheriff’s Office deputies, the incident began when a person in another campsite got up to get a drink. Hogan and Woelfle were in an adjacent camp reportedly having intimate relations in their tent with the top cover off and objected to the intrusion they felt the action caused them. The couple then began to yell at the person retrieving the beverage. Another camper went to see what the commotion was about and saw Hogan and Woelfle in their tent, still in a state of undress. He said they began putting on their clothes and he heard Woelfle tell Hogan to “go get the gun.”

Hogan, fully dressed, left the tent and allegedly retrieved a knife from her vehicle. The victim described the knife as being black with holes in the handle.

Hogan then allegedly threatened the campers with the knife. As the campers were backing up, Hogan then flashed them her breast.

Hogan allegedly admitted to flashing her breast at the campers but denied threatening with a knife. A black knife with holes in the handle was found in Woelfle and Hogan’s possession and was seized by deputies.

Woelfle and Hogan were then given citations and were released. However, an Arizona State Parks ranger informed the couple they were no longer allowed at the park and deputies stayed on scene until the couple packed up and left.