Woman finds home burglarized

SAFFORD – In the latest of a string of burglaries happening in the area, a woman found she was a victim on Sunday morning after being gone 8 days from the house she rents. She returned home and noticed that the front window screen near her front door was in the backyard and it had been removed from the window. She reported that her front window had been opened and shut and someone had entered her home and took the T.V. from the living room, valued at $400.  They had also gone through her dresser drawers in the master bedroom. The victim stated all her doors were unlocked but shut. She had locked her residence before she left 8 days prior.

An officer examined the window frame around the front window area where it was believed the subject(s) made entry into the home. Latent print dust was used, but prints were unable to be located.

As the holidays approach and people will be leaving their homes for extended periods of time, some extra precautions to consider so you don’t find yourself a victim:

Put your car in the garage

Remember to lock your doors and windows

Ask a neighbor or friend to watch and check on your house

Put away the spare key

Keep quiet about your travels on social media

Hold your mail

Hire a handyman to keep sidewalks clear, if needed

Lock up your valuables and sensitive documents

Set your lights on timers

Beef up your security system

Secure all entry points