Woman arrested on warrant and drugs after ducking into residence

SAFFORD – On Monday, a Safford police officer observed a female suspiciously run into a residence who he believed was breaking an order of protection. The woman police thought was running into the home had an order of protection against the man who lived there. When the officer knocked on the door, the woman who answered was the woman who had an order of protection against the resident of the home.

The officer asked her why she had run into the home and she replied that it wasn’t her, and the person who did run into the house was in the bathroom. At that point the resident of the home appeared and said he didn’t know the name of the woman in the bathroom but invited the officer into the home. The officer recognized the woman in the bathroom from prior drug involvement contact as Donavee Perea.

The officer asked to speak with Perea outside, where she stated the reason she ran is because she was scared of cops. When the officer asked if she had anything illegal in her purse, she said that she didn’t as she began taking things out. While speaking with Perea, the officer noticed the pocket of her shirt appeared to be weighed down and sagging. The officer asked her what was in her pocket. She pulled out a small metal container. She said she found the container that “some boy” had and that she was going to give it back to an old lady. Perea opened the container and the officer could see small clear baggies inside. The officer found that 3 of the baggies contained a powdery substance that he believed to be meth residue. Perea was transported to the Safford Police Department, where the powdery substance was tested and came back positive for meth. While at the police department it was discovered that Perea had a felony warrant for her arrest. She was later booked into jail for this warrant.