Woman arrested for theft ends up needing psychological treatment

SAFFORD – Authorities were dispatched to a residence just before noon last Thursday regarding the theft of a music speaker. The reporting party told authorities that she had purchased the speaker from a thrift store and that another woman, identified as Temetria Young, had taken it from her. When officers spoke to Young, she also claimed that she had purchased the speaker from the store.

after an officer went to the store and verified that the reporting party had purchased the speaker, Young admitted that she had taken the speaker from the other woman.

While speaking with the officers, Young reportedly said that she was from Clifton. However, no records could be found by authorities. She then told them she was just born in Clifton, but had never lived there. When one of the officers pointed out that there is no hospital located there, the woman then stated she was from Safford.

Young was placed under arrest for theft and placed in handcuffs. After a quick pat down of her pants and jacket she was placed in a patrol car.

While the officer was giving the victim some paperwork, Young was in the patrol car cutting her face and neck area with a small steak knife. The officer drew his taser and pointed it at her and told her to drop the knife. The woman threw the knife down. Lifeline ambulance arrived and transported the woman to the hospital. Because the wounds were superficial, she was medically cleared to be taken to the jail.

The officer walked the woman back to the patrol car. When he opened the door, the woman pulled away from the officer and banged her head on the window of the patrol vehicle. Other officers were asked to assist in placing the woman in the vehicle while a padded blanket was placed near the window by her head to prevent her from hurting herself. When they arrived at the jail and opened the door, the woman had wrapped the seatbelt around her neck and was choking herself.

The woman was removed from the vehicle and placed into a restraint chair and taken into the jail. Because of her condition, the jail would not accept her. An ambulance was called to transport the woman back to the hospital, where she was placed into a gurney and secured with soft medical restraints. The woman was treated for psychological issues at the hospital.