Alleged thief leaves old shoes in shoe department

SAFFORD – Last Tuesday afternoon, an officer was in Walmart when they were approached by an assistant manager stating a man with a back pack had just stolen some alcohol and was walking across the parking lot. It was also reported the man had previously been trespassed.

The officer caught up to the man who identified himself as Mario Sanchez. Sanchez appeared to be very intoxicated, and when he was asked if he had some stolen liquor in his back pack, he stated that he did. After the four cans of Steel Reserve were retrieved, Sanchez reported they were for his buddy, and he was just trying to help him out. Meanwhile, the officer noticed the back pack and boots Sanchez was wearing looked brand new. When asked, Sanchez admitted the back pack was stolen but reported the boots were his.

After taking Sanchez back into Walmart and speaking to him for a few minutes, Sanchez stated the boots he was wearing were stolen and his shoes were in a box in the shoe department. Sanchez also reported to the officer that he knew he was trespassed from Walmart. Walmart employees located the box and found Sanchez’ shoes.  Sanchez was cited and released for shoplifting and trespassing.