Windows busted at Safford High School

SAFFORD – On Monday, August 6th, authorities met with the Safford Unified School District maintenance supervisor, in reference to criminal damage that had occurred at the high school.

The officer was directed to the west door of the main building where the officer could see the door’s glass pane was broken and cracked but the glass was not broken out of the door. They continued inside the west doors of the main building and up the north side of the main building’s entrance/exit ramp and three panes on the large window looking to the north were broken and cracked but remained intact as well. The maintenance supervisor estimated the cost to replace the window panes would be $100- $200 a piece.

The supervisor informed police the school had surveillance footage of the incident. The footage showed a male, wearing a backpack and carrying a skateboard come into view on the south side of the high school near the office around 1:36 am. The male was wearing a dark shirt and pants and what appeared to be dark colored Converse style All Star tennis shoes. From the video it appeared that the male used his skateboard to hit the windows. Further footage showed the male walking around the north side to the east side of the school and then southbound on 14th Avenue.