Welfare check results in warrant arrest

A Graham County Sheriff deputy was dispatched to the duck ponds area of the fairgrounds last Wednesday at approximately 10:30 a.m. to conduct a welfare check on a man who had reportedly been sitting in his car for an extended period of time. When the officer arrived he found the black sedan parked near the duck ponds and a man sitting outside of the car near the ponds. The deputy approached the man and asked what he was doing there and if he was okay. The man said that he was going through a hard time. He said he was waiting for his aunt to arrive and take him to New Mexico. The officer asked if the vehicle was his, but the man stated that it belonged to a friend. The officer asked the man if he had used any drugs and the man said that he had smoked a little that morning in the car.

The deputy ran a records check on the man, identified as Dominik Olivero, and found that he had three felony warrants for his arrest. The deputy told Olivero that he was under arrest for the warrants. Olivero asked the deputy if he could just let him go home. The deputy handcuffed him and placed him in his patrol vehicle. He asked Olivero if he had anything illegal on him and Oliverio replied, “I might.” The officer searched him and found a small plastic container with a white substance in it, along with 2 straws and a lighter.

A man in a truck arrived at the scene and Olivero and said that he was a friend of Olivero’s and had brought some gas for the car. Olivero had apparently ran out of gas and contacted the friend to bring some gas. The officer searched the car that Olivero had been driving and found a clear glass pipe that appeared to have been used. The officer asked the man if the pipe was his. He replied that Olivero had been driving the car and the pipe belonged to Olivero.

Olivero was booked into the Graham County Jail on the three warrants. The white substance tested positive for meth. New charges on drug possession are pending.