Walmart continues to battle theft

SAFFORD – Last Monday authorities were dispatched to Walmart due to receiving a call regarding two males wearing hoodie jackets who entered the store, selected 2 T.V.’s and then ran out the emergency exit doors on the north side of store. The males put the T.V.’s in a truck and left. They shoplifted a 40 inch T.V. valued at $428 and a 19 inch T.V. valued at $298.

In a separate incident four days later, a man and woman identified as Ryan Maldonado and Estrella Rodriguez who were trespassed from Walmart in March for shoplifting, entered Walmart around 2:30pm.  Maldonado went to the wireless phone store in the front while Rodriguez went to the baby section of the store.  When Rodriguez was in the baby section, she grabbed a package of Luv’s diapers valued at $5.42. She then went to the front to meet up with Maldonado. They stayed in the phone store for a while, as Rodriguez set the diapers down on a counter. Before they left, Maldonado grabbed the diapers and handed them off to Rodriguez. They then left the store without paying for the diapers. Both of them have warrants out for their arrest, however, when police went by their residence they were not there.