United Way of Graham County hosting VISTA positions

Jon Johnson Photo/Gila Valley Central: Our Neighbor's Farm & Pantry Director Sherri Clixby washes a head of lettuce. The nonprofit is one of various groups looking to hire an Americorps VISTA position to aid in its operations.

By Jon Johnson


GRAHAM COUNTY – Youthful adventurers looking to make their way in this world today and leave a mark can choose to stay in the United States with Americorps Volunteers In Service To America (VISTA). 

The United Way of Graham & Greenlee Counties has partnered with VISTA to host positions at worthwhile groups, including Arizona@Work, Southeastern Arizona Community Unique Services (SEACUS), Friends of the Safford City-Graham County Library, Our Neighbor’s Farm & Pantry, Graham County Rehabilitation Center and the Greenlee County Chamber of Commerce.

The VISTA program was originally created by President Lyndon Johnson in 1965 as a domestic version of the Peace Corps. It is a national service program designed to alleviate poverty. Workers in the VISTA program cross the line between volunteerism and a paid gig because they receive payment for their services as well as an educational stipend and health insurance.

To that end, the United Way of Graham & Greenlee Counties and those above-mentioned entities are searching for candidates for the open VISTA positions, which includes volunteer recruitment/management, social media, strategic planning/networking/partner development and agriculture/food security.

Those interested in applying for the positions should email their professional history and letter of interest to Sherma Jeane Garner at sjgarner.uwgg@gmail.com.

Jon Johnson Photo/Gila Valley Central: The Americorps VISTA position with Our Neighbor’s Farm & Pantry will assist with the business side of things.

Max Crain, with Our Neighbor’s Farm & Pantry, said he would prefer to find a person close to home and encouraged those interested to apply by May 25. 

“We’d like to hire somebody locally if we can,” Crain said.

For more information on the VISTA position for Our Neighbor’s Farm & Pantry call Max Crain at (443) 975-6527 or email him at max.crain@gmail.com.