United Way funds Greenlee radios, Safford library and theater

SAFFORD —The pandemic hasn’t slowed down the United Way of Graham and Greenlee Counties from funding programs throughout the Gila Valley.

In an e-mail, Shaylee Richards, communications director for UWGGC, said more than $340,000 has been awarded to four organizations in Greenlee County for upgrade of the county’s two-way radio system.

Funding includes:

● Clifton Fire Department — $124,602.66

● Duncan Valley Rural Fire District — $76,545.31

● Greenlee County Health Department — $28,290.72

● Town of Clifton Police Department — $114,082.07  

The Safford Downtown Association received another $19,500 for the Invest in the Gila Valley program..

In addition, UWGGC awarded $23,434 to the Safford City-Graham County Library to help fund ScienceCity, Coding Club, GED Testing, the Tutor.com subscription and “a public health nurse that would visit the library periodically to help individuals that need social services access them and to perform simple health care checks on patrons seeking them,” Richards wrote.

And the Fort Thomas Fire District receives $58,288 to replace outdated, 15-year-old personal protective equipment and a 20-year-old heart monitor.

Editor’s note: This story was updated at 11:11 a.m. Thursday, May 28, 2020, to correct the amount granted to the Safford Downtown Association and the purpose of the grant.