Graham County Health announces three new COVID-19 cases

SAFFORD — Add another three to Graham County’s total of positive COVID-19 cases.

The Graham County Health Department announced Monday that three more people have test positive for coronavirus, bringing the county’s total to 24 since the start of the pandemic.

Two of the cases  are related to a new cluster, while the other is related to a cluster in another county.

Two of the persons live in Safford while the other lives in Pima.

A vast majority of the local cases involve people over the age of 35, with 10 between the ages of 35 and 55, while nine are 65 years old and older. The remaining five are under the age of 20, and, to date, there have been no local cases involving persons between the ages of 21 and 34, and those between 56 and 64.

Over the holiday weekend, Greenlee County announced its total remains at three while the San Carlos Apache Tribe is holding at eight tribal members, all of whom were tested and diagnosed off the reservation, and all but one are being treated off the reservation.

There have been no deaths in Graham or Greenlee counties or on the San Carlos Apache Tribal Reservation.