Unhappy Ruling Leads to Death Threats



Multiple reports came in on May fourth to the local police that there was disorder and yelling in Judge Sander’s courtroom. Police quickly came to the location of the situation, and found Philip Schroeder sitting on the steps outside of the courtroom. According to the call-in, a man had threatened to kill multiple people in the court.

Schroeder told the police that he was simply upset and didn’t want to hurt anyone. Later on, police found out that Schroeder had lost the custody battle for his grandchildren.  After talking to several witnesses, they said that Schroeder started screaming and said, “I’m so mad gonna get my gun and go down there.”

Witnesses believe that Schroeder was talking about the local Department of Child Safety. Other witnesses said that Schroder told them, “I’m about to get a gun and go to their office and shoot them all.”  Later that day, an officer called the Department of Child Safety and spoke Supervisor Vikki Tores about the incident.