Fire Turns Criminal: Burns Down Fence

Safford firefighters were dispatched in the late evening of April 30 to take care of a shed fire south of Safford. Investigators believe weed burning was the cause of the fire.



They say good fences make good neighbors. However, that is no longer an option for Rex Knorr of San Jose. Knorr called in to the Sheriff’s Office on May fourth and said that his neighbor was burning trash and the fire became out of control. The fire was so out of control that it burned down Knorr’s fence.

Officers came to the scene of the fiery crime. The officers found that Knorr’s neighbor refused to come out to talk to them. Fences and bridges seem to be completely burnt in this case.


A note on fire safety:


1: Never burn trash or weeds when the wind is blowing.

2: if you are burning trash and weeds, never turn your back on the fire. You never know when a fire can turn criminal.

3: When burning trash or weeds, be sure that you have a hose turned on and ready in case the fire becomes too big or moves in the wrong direction.

4: After you are finished burning, be sure that the fire is indeed out. Drown every single ember. Separate the ashes, and pour water on whatever remains of it.