Underage Drinking Incident

“On 12/30/2015 Safford Officers responded to [a residence] in reference to an unwanted subject. Upon arrival to the residence, a male subject was in front of the area, and was pointing back to the driveway of the residence. The male subject was later identified to me as the reporting party. I exited my patrol vehicle and approached the driveway of the residence. I observed a male subject,who was later identified to me as a young teenager, in the driveway.

The young man was nude and appeared to have urinated in the driveway. I shouted verbal commands to  him. The young man appeared to be under the influence, and did not comply with my commands. I could smell the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from the person. I observed the young man appeared to have fresh blood on his nose.”

Another officer arrived at the scene. The officer spoke to the young man, who did not respond. Rather, the young man balled his hands into fists, and his posture was rigid. The young man was placed into handcuffs, and placed into a patrol car while Southwest Ambulance was waited upon.  The young man was  taken to the hospital, and his mother received notification of the incident