Time to throw out the Thanksgiving leftovers

CDC says Monday was the last safe day to eat Thanksgiving leftovers

Thanksgiving was a week ago, and a lot of people still have leftovers in the fridge. How long can you keep them there before they go bad? If you haven’t finished or frozen your leftovers by now, it’s time to throw them out, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In fact, the CDC says Monday was the last safe day to store your leftover turkey, potatoes and stuffing in the fridge. For long-term storage, leftovers should go in the freezer right away.

Of course, if something looks or smells funny, you shouldn’t eat it.

Here’s how long your leftovers will last in the fridge:

Turkey – 4 days
Gravy – up to 4 days
Homemade cranberry sauce – A week to 10 days
Canned cranberry sauce – One to two weeks
Potatoes and yams – 4 days
Stuffing – 4 days
Pies – Fruit pies can be kept at room temperature for two days according to Bettycrocker.com. Pies can bee stored in the fridge for two more days

Leftovers that need to be refrigerated should be in the fridge within 2 hours and kept at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or colder.

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