Support for Wendy Rogers

Dear Editor:

I met Wendy Rogers, a candidate for The House of Representatives for District 1, this week when she and her husband, Hal, flew into the Safford Regional Airport.  I met them while they were gassing and parking their plane.  As a fellow aviator, I found her to be immediately engaging and real.  She has a pleasant but no nonsense approach which I find refreshing in a candidate.  Based upon that meeting, subsequently hearing her speak yesterday and learning more about her positions on many of the important issues facing our district, I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy for Congress.

At a time when character needs to count, we need more candidates with an approach like hers.  I am convinced she is a woman of high character and a woman of faith.  She has strong moral underpinnings which will serve us well as our Congresswoman.  She is able to be both polite and direct as she explains her strong positions on border security, the Second Amendment and other relevant issues in a straightforward manner.  As a mother and grandmother she is able to explain how her positions on these issues relate to families.  As a small business owner she can see how issues relate to small businesses and their employees.

I didn’t know about Wendy Rogers until recently.  For others in the same situation I recommend taking 15 minutes to learn who she is and her outlook for an optimistic future for Arizona and our nation. She is the right choice for District 1.


Rex Bryce, M.D.

Gila Valley Orthopaedics

Owner, Ponderosa Aviation

Safford Regional Airport