Study: Arizona drug sentences among shortest in nation

From driving under the influence to tackling the opioid crisis, drug-related offenses sometimes seem to dominate headlines in Arizona. A recent study conducted by Delphi Behavioral Health Group found that Arizona has the second highest drug offenders per 100K residents, yet still averages the shortest sentencing in the nation.

Here’s what the study learned about Arizona:

  • More than 1 in 3 federal offenses in Arizona are drug-related– 18% above the national average
  • Arizona has the second highest drug offenders per 100k residents
  • Arizona experienced a 24% increase from 2016 to 2017 in methamphetamine-related offenses
  • Arizona averages the shortest sentencing in the nation (17 months)
  • AZ and NM are the only two states in the nation that listed marijuana as the most common drug offense in 2017

Arizona has the shortest drug-related sentences of all states with just 17 months. New Mexico is also in the top three states for the shortest drug-related sentences, with an average sentence of just 34 months.

The study found the opposite situation with Minnesota, which has one of the lowest numbers of drug offenders but also has some of the longest sentences.

Check out the entire report here: Drug Sentences in America