Still time to donate to reduce state tax liability

THATCHER — The deadline to file taxes has been extended into May, which means there’s still time to make a donation to a qualifying local nonprofit organization.

“They’ve also extended it so you can do this up until April 15. You know your tax liability. You can look at that number on the line and say, ‘Hey. I’m going to go check on this quick website, make a donation, they’re going to e-mail me a receipt and I’m going to fill out that form and send it in with my taxes.’ Almost the day you’re filing,” said Ted Prina with the Graham/Greenlee Tax Credit Coalition.

Donations made until April 15 will be credited to 2020 taxes, while donations April 16 and later will qualify for 2021 taxes.

Arizona tax payers can get a dollar-for-dollar credit on their state income tax liability — either reducing the amount owed or increasing the amount of a refund — for a donation to any of nine qualifying local organizations, including:

● Boys & Girls Club of the Gila Valley

● Canyonlands

● Chap Ministries

● Graham County Substance Abuse Coalition

● Great Communities Resource Center (GCRC)

● Mt. Graham Safe House

● Our Neighbor’s Farm & Pantry

● Southeastern Arizona Community Unique Services (SEACUS)

● Tooth B.U.D.D.S.

Individuals can donate up to $400, while couple filing jointly may donate up to $800; however, donations in any amount may be made. Also donations may be made to multiple nonprofit organizations.

For more information and to donate online, go to