Staying Safe This Monsoon Season

Monsoon season runs from mid-June through late September. During the season, afternoon thunderstorms produce lightning, high winds and heavy rains which can result in hazardous flash flooding and reduced visibility from dust storms.

With monsoon season quickly upon us, it’s important to get informed about how to stay safe during these summer storms. Here are a few ways to get prepared:

  • Make An Emergency Plan In Advance. Take the time to write and rehearse a family communication plan that identifies a meeting place and includes out-of-town contacts.
  • Have Emergency Materials On-Hand. Build an emergency supplies kit with nonperishable food and water to last your family and pets at least 72 hours. Be sure to include family prescriptions and copies of important documents.
  • Stay Informed. Know the hazards in your community and plan your travel route in advance. Visit and enter your address in the hazard viewer to learn about hazards in your area.
  • Spread The Word. As you prepare for the monsoon season, set an example for others in your community about how to get prepared. Check at home for potential hazards like overhanging trees and loose debris, donate blood, or do a fire drill at home.
  • Stay Cool. Monsoon season lasts during the hottest months of the Arizona summer. It’s important to recognize the dangers of extreme heat and the symptoms of heat-related illnesses. Learn more HERE.

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