Special meeting on Tuesday could bring back Winter sports

PHOENIX — The Arizona Interscholastic Association Executive Board has posted a special meeting notice for January 12th. The only agenda item is to discuss winter sports.

The same board voted 5-4 on January 8th to cancel the winter season.

Most high school coaches believe there will be a re-vote on the issue. In order for that to happen there would have to be a new motion to play the season, then a second to that motion, followed by a re-vote.

The other option that has been floated around the high school sports circle is in case the board vote doesn’t change. The AIA staff could run the winter season under “summer rules”. That would let each school create their own schedule and play who they want without penalty from the AIA.

If the board reverses their decision from last week the season would take place as originally planned, with no fans in the gym. The Sports Medicine Advisory Committee has also suggested to the Board that all athletes, even those on the playing field/court, where a mask. As a recommendation the Board doesn’t have to use that caveat but also that could be a reality this season.

GilaValleyCentral will have a complete wrap up of Tuesday’s meeting shortly after the meeting ends.