Second round of Gila Idol tryouts

Gila Idol 2018 Round 2

The Double R Grill at the Mount Graham Golf Course was filled to capacity as tryouts continued in the second round of Gila Idol preliminary auditions.

The judges for the evening’s auditions were chosen from previous Idol winners and included:

2008 Idol Winner, Adam Crohn
2014 Idol Winner, Olivia Crockett
2017 Idol Winner, Darryn Kamae

The evening began with a performance by 2016 Idol winner, Breanna Morris. The contestants were then invited to the stage to sing a 90 second a cappella version of a song of their choice. After their audition, the judges offered feedback about the contestant’s performances along with tips and advice for improvement.

The judges typically select three finalists from each preliminary who will compete in the final contest. They also select some alternates and call backs from each preliminary. Contestants selected as call backs will compete in a final preliminary contest for the second to last slot in the final competition. After last preliminary people will be able to vote for an alternate to be the very last contestant on the final Gila Idol competition.

The finalists selected Thursday night were:

  • Jerica Young
  • Shayla Smith
  • Holly Shumway
    Gila Idol Finalists from round 2

    Gila Idol finalists from round 2: Jerica Young, Shayla Smith, Holly Shumway

Three Call Backs were selected:

  • Maria Clark
  • Jordan Lawson
  • Laura Beal

Callbacks: Maria Clark, Jordan Lawson, Laura Meehl

Two alternates were selected:

  • Hayden Finch
  • Shelby Boden

Gila Idol 2018 Round 2 Alternates: Hayden Finch, Shelby Boden

The third round preliminary will be at Safford Bowl at 6:30 Friday, February 9.