Safford police investigating strong-arm robbery

Safford police were dispatched to a convenience store on Highway 70 last Tuesday (June 23, 2020) at approximately 12:30 AM, in reference to a robbery.

The cashier on duty told authorities that an intoxicated man came in and tried to purchase two cans of beer. The cashier told him that, due to liquor laws, he could not sell him the beer because the man was too intoxicated. The intoxicated man reportedly left the beer on the counter and left the store.

A few minutes later, the man came back into the store and walked back to the beer display. The cashier could see that the man was selecting a six pack of Corona beer. The cashier approached the man and told him to stop. The intoxicated man apparently accosted the employee and struck him in the face as he ran from the store.

Police viewed the video footage of the incident and noticed that there was a customer standing near the front cash register who may have witnessed the incident. Authorities recognized the man from numerous previous contacts.

The case has been turned over to Safford Investigations.