Safford Police Department releases statement on Jorden Simms Incident

On December 21, 2019 Jorden Simms was contacted and taken into custody by the Safford Police Department for shoplifting.  Simms also had an outstanding warrant for her arrest from Yavapai County, which was theft and drug related with a bond of $25,000. She was booked into the Graham County Jail. 

On December 23, 2019, in the evening, the suspect (Simms) made an allegation against the arresting officer. Due to the nature of the allegation, internal and criminal investigation processes were initiated, and the Safford Officer was placed on administrative leave effective December 24, 2019, per policy.

Safford Police Department contacted Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), requesting that they conduct an investigation regarding the allegation. According to Safford Police Chief, Joe Brugman, test results conducted by DPS have not yet been released to Safford police department.

This investigation has begun, and the Safford Police Department is committed to seeing it through to its final outcome.